About Matt Tullis

tullis-headMatt Tullis is an assistant professor of English and Digital Journalism at Fairfield University in Connecticut. He is also the host and producer of Gangrey: The Podcast, which focuses on narrative journalism and the reporters who write it.


Tullis was a regular contributor to SB Nation Longform. There, he wrote about the second-best horseshoe pitcher in the world, a trans-sexual Olympian from the 1930s, and high school girls basketball in Amish Country. He also wrote a piece about running and surviving childhood cancer titled “The Ghosts I Run With.” That piece is being expanded into a full memoir, titled “Running With Ghosts,” and will be available in late-summer 2017. He has been noted in Best American Sports Writing three times and Best American Essays once.

Before joining academia, Tullis worked as a daily newspaper reporter, first at The Daily Record in Wooster, Ohio, and then later at the Columbus Dispatch. Prior to arriving at Fairfield University, Tullis was an associate professor of Journalism and Digital Media at Ashland University.


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